The roster of all teams in a league.

  leagueId = ffl_id(),
  leagueHistory = FALSE,
  scoringPeriodId = NULL,



Numeric league ID or ESPN fantasy page URL. Defaults to getOption("fflr.leagueId"). Function fails if no ID is found.


logical; Should the leagueHistory version of the API be called? If TRUE, a list of results is returned, with one element for each historical year of the league.


Integer week of NFL season. By default, NULL will use the current week (see ffl_week()). Scoring periods are always one week in length, whereas matchups might be longer.


Additional queries passed to httr::GET(). Arguments are converted to a named list and passed to query alongside view.


A dataframe (or list) with league teams.

See also

Other roster functions: best_roster(), roster_score(), start_roster()


team_roster(leagueId = "42654852", scoringPeriodId = 1)
#> League has not yet drafted this season
#> data frame with 0 columns and 0 rows