Retrieve league ID from global options, as an input, or from a URL.

ffl_id(leagueId = getOption("fflr.leagueId"), overwrite = FALSE)



Numeric league ID or ESPN fantasy page URL. Defaults to getOption("fflr.leagueId"). Function fails if no ID is found.


logical; If an fflr.leagueId option exists, should it be temporarily changed for your current session.


A numeric leagueId as a character vector with length one.


Since many users request data from the same ESPN league when using this package, you can use this function to set, call, or extract the unique ESPN league ID. By default, this function uses getOption("fflr.leagueId") to look for a default league ID defined in your options(). If no such option exists, and one is provided to the leagueId argument, the option will be temporarily defined for your current session. If a URL starting with http is provided, the numeric league ID will be extracted, defined as the temporary option, and returned as a character string.


options(fflr.leagueId = "42654852")
#> [1] "42654852"
  leagueId = "",
  overwrite = TRUE
#> Temporarily set `fflr.leagueId` option to 42654852
#> [1] "42654852"