The value of the internal evaluation of a top-level R expression is always assigned to .Last.value before further processing (e.g., printing).

write_last(file = tempfile(), x = .Last.value, ...)

save_last(file = tempfile(), x = .Last.value, ...)



File or connection to write to.


The object to write, usually left as base::.Last.value.


Additional arguments passed to the writing function (see Details).


The created file path, invisibly.


Four types of files are written, based on object class:

  1. For data frames, a tab-separated file via readr::write_tsv().

  2. For vectors, a newline-separated file via readr::write_lines().

  3. For ggplots, a raster image (by default) via ggplot2::ggsave().

  4. For other objects, an uncompressed data file via readr::write_rds().